M-Sec Report 2017: Aviation in Times of Global Turmoil

The M-Sec Report condenses complex interrelations and outlines core aspects and tasks for the aviation sector. It serves as a topical compendium and companion for decision-makers, industry representatives and interested public audience as well as a conversation-starter for conference participants. In order to feature the most profound research and best possible analysis, Munich Airport cooperates with academic, political and public institutions worldwide on the compilation of the M-Sec Report.

The M-Sec Report will officially be launched in June prior to the conference. It will be distributed to all participants and journalists attending M-Sec as well as various selected decision-makers, representatives of academia and experts in aviation security worldwide in order to contribute to the security discourse, both at the conference and beyond.

M-Sec Report 2017

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M-Sec Report 2017

About M-Sec

Not since the end of the Cold War has the world been as dangerous as it is today. Especially aviation security is at the core of crucial global challenges: terrorist attacks on European airports, such as in Brussels or Istanbul, geopolitical instabilities resulting in substantial threats for civil aviation as well as aviation as target of cyber warfare, to name but a few. On the other hand, technological developments and innovations offer an enormous potential as well as regulatory and political challenges.

For that reason, Munich Airport hosts M-Sec 2017 inspired by the prestigious Munich Security Conference. Preceded by an exclusive dinner reception, this one-day event gathers around 150 high-ranking German and international decision-makers from politics, the private sector and academia and offers a perfect platform to discuss key aspects of international aviation security. This exclusive and high-profile conference format provides room for interdisciplinary exchange and creates opportunities to discuss and develop praxis-oriented takeaways not only  for the private sector, but also for political representatives.

Key Facts

July 10, 2017

Dinner reception

July 11, 2017

09.00 a.m. – 04.00 p.m.


Munich Airport

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