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In times of globalization, aviation security and a reliable aviation system are indispensable, not only for international business and trade. Aviation security is in the core interest of many different stakeholders, be it passengers, flight crews, ground staff or business managers. Different surveys predict that by 2050, 16 billion passengers will travel around the globe annually by plane. Compared to 3.3 billion passengers in 2014, this means an increase of 384%. Additionally, the number of cargo flights will also rise significantly: in 2014, 50 million tons of cargo were transported on over 50,000 routes – by 2050, this number will increase up to 400 million tons. This shows that aviation security is one of the biggest challenges of our time.

The M-Sec Report provides an overview of current debates on key issues concerning aviation and flight security. Up-to-date statistics, interesting surveys as well as facts and figures will illustrate what is necessary to improve the current status of aviation security. It will officially be launched in June prior to the conference and be distributed to all participants and journalists attending M-Sec as well as various selected decision-makers, representatives of academia and experts in aviation security worldwide in order to contribute to the security discourse, both at the conference and beyond.


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